Freitag, 23. November 2007

start.up finance mindmap update

the mindmap "start.up finanzierung"/start.up financing has been updated with business angels links.
thanks for feeback on the mimpdamp to smime.

start.up company success rates

with a 30% success rate, serial entrepreneurs outperform first-time company founders by 12 percent (18%). founders which failed once before have a slightly higher rate of 20% to make money out of their venture.

this is one of may results of the studies of gompers et al (“skill vs. luck in etrepreneurship and venture capital: evidence from serial entrepreneurs”, 2006).

“soft money” of venture capital investors does not bring real value in terms of higher success rates to serial entrepreneurs.

Dienstag, 20. November 2007

start.up weekend & seedcamp

the mindmap "start.up finanzierung"/start.up financing has been updated with: startup weekend.

a recent presentation of seedcamp from the web2.0expo berlin, slides can be found @ slideshare.

Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

web2.0 berlin &

besides all the web2.0 buzz, what´s relevant for founders?
one: use technology offers to bootstrap to the max.
two: use technology to develop consumer enjoyment.

tech, an web-operating system - they prefer to call them "virtual computer" - extensively uses amazons web services. this allows them to massively reduce their start.up costs & concentrate on their vision and it´s implementation. and not on buying, installing, mantaining, backing up,... expensive hardware.
that´s bootstrapping thanks to technology and a start.up living this essential ingredience for start.up success.

jesse garrett in his keynote speech focused strongly on creating products that are "1) beautiful, 2) elegant, 3) solutions that 4) work". strongly pointing to apple´s approach on how to make complex things: lovable, presentable, solving/creating a need you can not live without once you tried it while staying extremely simpel.
is your idea/produkt/website like that?are there rumour sites about what you will do next with your start.up or are you still trying to "bruteforce" community building.

thatmuch for a start from the web2.0 berlin expo, which brings an intersting crowd together. developers, entreprenerus, investors and plenty of speakers.