Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

barcamp blinks

a great location, a huge crowd of around 150 and a multitude of sessions made the barcamp vienna 2009 a thriving event. so lets have some blog-blinks on the event.

organized tightly from beginning to end, leaving out the intro round of the participants as well as not discussing the sessions took out part of the barcamp essence. the same goes for the general call to blog about it. let´s have that next time. participating day one of barcamp, those were the highlights:

freewave presented their wlan concept. the session was on the line between marketing pitch and sharing their motivations and experiences. their engagement to protect users against the ever growing data collection lust of public authorities impressed. that smart phones already account for 40% of traffic on their hotspots and they expect 50% throughout the year as well.

the cloud made it possible for to bring 21 years of tv shows online. at 10% of the costs of a conventional (=buy hardware) solution. fabian topfstedt held a interesting session on this project.
the media watch on climate change project of module university, the thank worthy host of the barcamp, show the next step of data monitoring and analysis. the origins of academic research are still dominant. see also the idiom project. there is also their start.up "weblyzard" to monetize their work, which is in strong need of a internet strategy makeover though.

the jolicloud session of alexander kirk showed a visionary approach on netbook os. jolicloud= nebook oriented os=classic os+socially enriched. e.g. one sees which apps one´s netbook peers installed and proposes to do the same. looks promising.

more pictures of the barcamp can be found at the start.upICT flickr stream. finally the top quotes of the barcamp:
"....die usa ist ein problem..."/ „..the u.s. are a problem...“. totally taken out of context. and finally "mein rechner hat keine windows taste!" / „my computer does not have a windows key!“. cu at the next barcamp!