Dienstag, 30. September 2008

upcoming european pitching events

a brief roundup of upcoming events to present start.ups:

TechCrunch UK has a contest for startups in the field of Future of Web Apps coming up. location london, 8-10. oct. 2008.
a 60 second video is required. there are plenty of examples up here. this one is especially worthwhile looking at.

already mentioned here, now they just posted their participants as of 25th of Sept, 375 people coming form 19 nations. application is open until the 10th of oct. details see here. high praises about the event with detailed program here.

Venture Lounge
...is coming to vienna on the 21st of november. apply here until the 10th of nov. 2008. detailed program can be found here.

update (01/10/08): and there is their technology and media event coming up as well, munich is the location and the 28th oct. 2008 the day. applications until the 20th of oct. 2008 possible.