Sonntag, 27. Jänner 2008

barcamp vienna 01/2008 1st round up

barcamp vienna was a great experience again. werkzeugH was full of people, there were three parallel tracks running all through the day. meaning you always were missing at least on interesting session.

fatfogoo, recently successfully funded austrian start.up, showed how they use up to date "web 2.0" marketing to reach out with their idea of an traiding platform for virtual (game) items.

max kossatz´ hack for a better blog search gave the audience quite a bit to think. and his statement that to make a search engine like google is nothing special after all was brought forward with strong confidence.

the track about "social entrepreneurs" enjoyed quite an audience. thanks to the quite controversial standpoints of valerie hackl an me, there was a vibrant discussion going on.

the track "gläserner mensch dank social media" (transparent humans thanks to social media), of jana herwig, revealed the potential burden of everyones´s internet history and the need for a thoughtful use of social media. this stands for those who publish as well as for those which use data from the internet to "judge" about someone.

the discussion with paul böhm on "startup financing" was drawing a not too optimistic picture of funding possibilities for web in austria. thanks to fatfoogoo, interesting insights of a recently venture funded start.up were shared among the audience.

that one of the founding members of netvibes cames from austria, namely "capitan" alexander kirk came as interesting news to me. making the audience some appetite for the upcoming release ginger of netvibes, without handing out invites for the beta though. they are running their service on just around 40 servers. that´s a challenge.

thatmuch the brief roundup of the sessions i could attend full-time. interesting discussions all along the way were the "salt" in the already tasty "soup de barcamp vienna".

a big "thanks" to the sponsors and the organizers for their efforts and support!