Freitag, 21. März 2008

ten more financing sources for

ecva, avco, bkv, web mission, plugg, leweb, web2.0 expo, demo, fit-it and impulsprogramm are now @ the start.up mindmap.

evca, the european venture capital association gives an up to date overview about the european venture capital players. on the national level, the austrian venture capital association (avco) and the german equivalent, the "bvk" provide good starting points for a vc-longist.

another international start.up competition, the "web mission" also found its way on the start.up mindmap. while mainly for uk startups, it’s always good to scan new ventures.

there are launchpads/conferences like plugg, le web, web2.0 epxo and demo as well. furthermore the public subsidy programs fit-it and impulsprogramm were added, which provide subsidies/grants from areas like semantic systems to design.