Dienstag, 28. April 2009

inside barcamp innsbruck 09, part 1/2

on the way back from innsbruck to vienna, the lazy train speed lets the thoughts about the april 09 edition of the barcamp innsbruck april 09 float freely. let´s have a look on the surroundings of the barcamp and then into selected sessions.

thanks to the organizing forces behind the 2nd edition of the barcamp in tyrol, christop dolar & astrid millebner. they organized a great location at the „zukunftszentrum“/ future-center right in the center of innsbruck. thanks!

a big open space, with room to hang out along the windows and the presentation area right at the heart provided the open atmosphere one would like to see for every barcamp.
there was plenty of good coffee and the omnipresent twittering and taking pictures with and of each other. and well, quite some good sessions. while the not-so-standard-conference format may seem anarchistic to outsiders, the sessions itself appear almost like magic in an ever aging surprisingly disciplinary style. barcampers hang out serious style. let´s look at some.

pichting bad and well done
weisswo, a local map based start.up held a "sales" presentation. obviously the did not think about the audience ahead. that never works. not at all.

mobeedo was also pitching their product, but what a difference. [update] richard spindler was proudly presenting their product, delivering a „wow“ effect and looking for feedback made the crowd come in front to see what they can do on the g1 android phone with mobeedo.

their video is worth watching.

what else? what about: iphone app development
well, well, an interesting practial and down to earth slot about iphone app development by thomas katzelberger. albeit the 1 billion downloads money printing machine for apple, anyone wanting to provide an application at the apple itunes store?1.800€! that´s how much it costs the tempted developer.

99€ per year for the right to put the app on the store. around 700€ for an iphone to test apps that use gps and the motion sensor. and well, best thing last, to run the free sdk, a hefty 1.000€ for an apple macbook. that´s because the sdk only runs on apple machines. 1.800€, well that is serious stuff.

after that said and ignoring the ever appearing stories about instant american millionaire richness of some developers, there is one magic thing to remember: top 100.

if your app is not in there, there is no attention. no attention, now money. wanting to make money via apps means using the short time frame which every new app get´s on the store. after that, a hefty release/update schedule can help to stay on the front page and so make the uphill battle into the top 100.

and no, do not even try to spend advertising for your iphone apps, that is just a waste, according to thomas katzelberger , who also says „do not expect anything, do invest only the minimum“.

thanks also to the live streaming efforts of luca via mogulus, quite some sessions (depending on the mood of luca´s wintel machine) were streamed out to the interested barcamp follower.

so much for the first part. more on this years barcamp innsbruck coming up soon.