Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

inside barcamp innsbruck 09, part 2/2

in part 2 of "inside barcamp innsbruck 09" let´s have a look at usability, twitterish and more coverage on the barcamp. if you missed part 1, look here for different ways of barcamp sessions, iphone development or mobeedo.

olivia haider, aka "olidax" delivered practical hands on examples about website user interface design - gone wrong ones and how to make them better. just to look at user interface design differently, look also at the evolution of websites, eg. tiscover way back in 1999 vs. 2009. or at the self declared design masters of apple here.

if ready to tackle a huge but well worthy slide set (87!), lisa reichelt also held a full house session at web2.0expo berlin 08 about improving website usability, titled "what users really want", but first have a look at olivia´s slides:

finally, unavoidably and highly appreciated, the latest and greatest in the twittersphere by luca hammer.
with all the services around twitter, one might already forget the original twitter. and yes, there were non-twitterer (two!) around at the barcamp, which for obvious reason are not to be named here. ;-)

there were two core aspect to the tiwtterworld in luca´s session:
one, to use twitter as "the" social filter to read and find interesting things on the net. gone are the days where newsgroups, email, bookmarks, feedreaders an the like where sufficient to manage the web-info-stream.

secondly, there are plenty of tools out there, which make this possible. although twitter might almost feel like a horse carrying a pyramid around - with all the services which "ride" on the back of twitter. be it twist to discover trends, monitter to monitor the twitteruniverse, tweetree a nice visualization or tiwtturly, which tracks and ranks the urls of fellow twitter"ers".
there were many more services and tools so luca promised to make a session/blogpost about it.

more on barcamp innsbruck
for photo coverage head over to here or here. thanks to takarina there is audio coverage, to be found at the bottom of the barcamp site. by the way, congratulations to takarina for her "tirolercast", best national podcast winner 09!
only for the barcamp hardcore lovers, there is the the twitter stream of the innsbruck camp to get the realtime gossip, right here.

so much from the barcamp innsbruck. there are plenty of more barcamps coming up, so participate and blog about them.

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