Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

good relations, twitter & co. dexa 2/2

good relations, a semantic e-commerce ontology was another highlight of dexa. for part one of the coverage, see here. martin hepp, bundeswehr university germany pinpointed to the lack of semantic description of products offered online. this makes search, not only in the long tail, inefficient for sellers and buyers. with good relations he offers a open source basis to tackle this. and yahoo already use good relations to make their product easier to find. enthusiastically martin hepp was evangelizing for good relations.

in contrast to most of the presenting scientists he focuses on an industry ready product approach. uptake of usage will be interesting to follow.

there have been many other interesting talks, like perspectives of web services intermediaries of urlich scholten et. al or fraud detection by human agents of daniel schwabe.

surprising was the lack of twitter and slideshare. only two other twitterers seemed to be posting. only one presentation can be found online. there is still a way to catch up with non-academic life by those which explore the future.
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