Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010

interview with flimmit - the austrian film search and download startup

legal film downloads in europe are a mess. therefore film search is broken too. the austrian startup flimmit is out to fix that. not having one legal framework like in the u.s., the european "rights" marked for film is hyperfragmented. first steps for a common legal framework are only in their beginnings. therefore just to google a film one wants to watch is nearly pointless. because finding the film of choice on a u.k. video download portal will lead to nowhere, as they will not have the distribution rights for austria.

find another search example in the demo video from flimmit:

flimmit searches and finds, lets mention "legal" again, content. so does it work? searching for "lord of the rings" there is a full-size feedback. download and buying possibilities, best prices, reviews, trailers and more. same goes for more recent productions, like avatar. just the recommendations leave room for improvement.

what drives the three founders of flimmit, karin haager (cfo), walter huber (cto) and ulrich müller-uri (ceo) to fix the broken film search and download business? (founders photos © flimmit 2009, photographs by lisi navajas)

i tried to find that out in a recent interview with them. as with the interviews with andraz tori from zemanta or christoper clay from soup, it is split up in two parts. read on the find out more on the startup in this part 1, on how to gain traffic and more in the upcoming part 2. so lets jump right into the interview:

tell me about the (three) most exiting things about starting up your company?

starting a new business is all about making your own ideas come to life. an innovation that first pops up in your head and then materialises into ones own company is a great for oneself and the self esteem. to inspire people with your idea and see the results when finally the thing gets going is important as well. 

what about the (three) most unfortunate things about starting up?

constant worries about financing and a possible lack of money are tough on the way to success. that leads to sleepless nights. what really got us up in sheer shock was the up and then arising fear that the innovation we have brought to the market is not unique anymore – that someone else has just done the same thing.

what are your lessons learned until now about tech/people/market/sales (choose what you prefer)?

people: it takes ages to find the right people to work with and it is a tough task to have them stay with you, above all due to lack of funds in the start up phase.
market: we have learned that customers / users never do anything because of good will. they want a benefit when using your product or service.
sales: the most important lesson learned for us: never trust sales forecasts!

when you hear the words "exit" and "shut down", what comes to your mind?

the term “exit” mostly appears in a conversation with possible financers. we do not yet think about an “exit” so far but we can talk about that in a few years time.
shut down means disaster, a sheer horror scenario. on the other hand when founding your own business you always have to calculate with a possible shut down. but isn’t that the essence of a start up: to always have the motivation to go that one step further?

to find out how the founders handle private vs. company life and more, read on in the upcoming part 2 of the interview.