Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

private vs. comany live and more, interview with flimmit, part 2

this is part 2 of the interview with the austrian film search and download portal flimmit. if you missed part 1, it´s worth checking out. read on how setting up a company affects the private life of founders and what the flimmit founders karin, walter and ulrich would recommend to founders of new startups.

how to handle private life vs. work? 

work is private life and private life is work for a start. there is no real private life when realising your dream. the business is with you at all times, after the office, in the evening, at night, during sport, when seeing the family – always. our secret is not to see it as a burden but as a thing one loves to do.

see an animation from the beginning of flimmit:

what does pitching mean for your company?

pitching is a chance to move on. it is the thing to get the message across. karin haager: “i hated it in the beginning, but i really love doing it now. it demands constant practice, practice, practice - the more the better. the most difficult for me was to do a pitch for training reasons in front of my own company colleagues, but it’s one of the best ways to get settled for the real thing.”

you have already left some tracks in your personal careers, e.g. karin and ulrich, you have been film producers for six years, working on 20 projects. walter is a helicopter pilot. now you are start.up founders. what`s next?

we have a bucket list of things we still want to realise in our lives. however, now it’s all about movies! and we are aiming to keep it that way for a while.

how do you handle working with those „big“ film industry guys which try to stay in business by suing their customers?

no fear from the “big guys”. if you got something good, take a chance. and flimmit’s offer is a good alternative and a chance even for the “big guys”. plus we don’t criminalise our customers.

what are the three most important things to gain visitors on your site?

billy wilder once said: “a good movie needs three things: a good book, a good book and a good book.” the thing flimmit needs is permanent seo, seo and seo (editors note: search engine optimization). on top of that strategic cooperations with websites and word of mouth and our site gets rolling.

anything else you would like to talk recommend new for the beginning?

gang on in there and believe in your dreams. find good friends that you can work with. and always keep your eyes and ears open and take other people’s advice. finally react quickly (editors note to market and costomer feedback) and just do it!